Friday, November 1, 2019

Alyssa and Calab

Introducing Mr and Mrs Calab Landis . . . . .

I'm so proud to share that these two married on July 20, 2019 at Brookedale Farm in Fort Ashby, West Virginia.  It was such a special day, full of so much love and laughter.  A culmination of ten years together - living, loving and learning together.  Today is actually the 10-year Anniversary - November 1, when these two first started dating. A very special day that was the start of their lives together.

These two loves of mine are Middle-School Sweethearts.  Calab, and my nephew, Bubby, had been friends throughout Elementary School.  As they were coming of age, Alyssa soon began crushing on Calab.  It took some convincing on Calabs part, as he was loyal to Bubby and he may or may not have said she was just a chubby cheerleader.  But, Calab came to his senses and LOVE prevailed.  They began dating and quickly fell in love.  Dating each other throughout Middle School and High School - he was the football player, she was the "not so chubby anymore" cheerleader.

After High School, they continued dating.  They fought and made up frequently - all just growing pains as they figured out their relationship and future together.  Calab bought his first home in October of 2017 and they got engaged on December 17, 2017.  Alyssa Brooke graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education in 2018. They both are settled in successful careers and are reaping the benefits of creating a home together on Landis Lane.

They challenge each other, they compromise together.  He makes her laugh and she makes him laugh. Laughter is at the center of their home.  But more importantly, Love.  Love exists within the walls of their home and exudes from their pores for each other.  They've been tested and they've triumphed.  Couldn't be more proud of you both!  Alyssa and Calab - I love you both so much.  Congratulations!  And Cheers to a lifetime together!

* Alyssa is my oldest niece.  To say she's a treasure to me is an understatement.  I simply adore her.  From the time she was born, there was always a special connection between the two of us.  And that's only grown!  She is the daughter that I never really had.  I was so honored she chose me to be her Matron of Honor in her wedding.  And I was ecstatic to be able to help plan her dream wedding.

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