Sunday, December 20, 2020

Our first Garden - the Highlight of 2020

 We started this year with the goal to grow our first garden.  Primarily, we simply wanted the experience of growing a garden.  Secondly, the nearest grocery store is at least a 20 minute drive and we wanted the ability to be somewhat sustainable on our own.  And admittedly, I had the ambitious and enthusiastic goal of having "the most beautiful garden in all of West Virginia."  (Imagine me saying that in my giddy, girly, high-pitched voice and then imagine the way Ronnie looked at me when I said it.)  Turns out, just keeping the damn garden alive was enough to keep us busy all summer.  

Friday, November 13, 2020


Amidst an already challenging 2020, my sweet Momma was diagnosed with Lung Cancer on August 13 and underwent a lobectomy (removal of upper left lobe of lung) on August 26.  Today, she is 11 weeks post surgery and is doing well.  So incredibly well!  She has much more healing to do but the worst is over and I'm so happy to share that she is cancer free.