Monday, August 12, 2019

Keeping the Wolves Away

I just listened to "Keep the Wolves Away" by Uncle Lucius while taking a bath. Submerged floatless, I listened to the guitar solo and the lyrics and the whistling, and I was haunted! Brilliant lyrics, humility in abundance, and a heftiness of vulnerability.

Select lyrics from the song -

~ "Given little love n soul every day, making over time to keep the wolves away"

~ "Cold and the grip of death stinging pain, he fought like hell to keep the wolves away"

~ "So goin’ for broke with every song I’ve made, ‘cos now it’s my turn to keep the wolves away"

Isn't that a beautiful sentiment to life? You do the best you can, you work hard, take care of family, and you fight like hell to keep the wolves away?

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