Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Las Vegas

We finally made it back to Las Vegas after a 10-year hiatus.  Two things we learned - Vegas is ever-changing and it's hella different going in your 20's and early 30's vs. your 40's. 

*ARIA Resort & Casino

Always wanting to experience something new, we stayed at The Nomad Hotel.  The Nomad is Park MGM's successful attempt at creating a boutique hotel inside of a monstrous Vegas hotel.  The Nomad occupies the top four floors of Park MGM, has a separate entrance and lobby, and an exclusive bar and restaurant.  Boasting sophisticated and artsy decor, it very much felt like you were staying somewhere intimate and secluded and special.

The Nomad Bar offered some tasty appetizers - Fried Artichokes and the VGK Dog - a bacon wrapped, black truffle hot dog with black and gold relish.  Yum!  An Oregon beer and a Dirty Martini complemented it all well. 

*Note - this is what Ronnie thinks of my food-porn pics

*Wolfgang Puck (my response to Ronnie's dislike of food-porn pics)

*Bruxie - the best Chicken and Waffles 

One of the greatest things about Park MGM was Eataly!  Eataly stands for "Eating Italian!"  It's an open, natural place to eat and shop and learn about Italy.  They have Italian stations set up where you can learn and enjoy and experience all things Italy - a Bellini Bar, a Wine Bar, a Cheese and Charcuterie shop, Brick Oven pizza station, and a Pasta station, among other things.  


Anticipating an upcoming grueling travel day, we decided to stay in and rest rather than live it up on our last night in Vegas.  The motto of "You'll sleep when you're dead" never resonated with me.  I'd rather sleep all I can now.  So, on our last day in Las Vegas, we decided to stay in.  I took a long, hot bath.  We ordered take-out from Eataly - a Margherita Pizza, Pasta with spinach and pine nuts, and Tiramisu.  We drank wine and ate in bed and watched Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman.  Pretty Epic night!  All the times we've gone to Las Vegas, we've never visited the Grand Canyon (my excuse is that I've seen it in National Lampoons Vegas Vacation) or Red Rock Canyon or the Grand Canyon.  Maybe we'll tackle that next.  


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