Saturday, June 16, 2018

Involved May

'Twas an involved May.  Full of celebrations and family gatherings.  Here's the beautiful sum of it all . . . Nothing but Genuine Love from here . . .

We are celebrating a huge occasion in the Lovell family - our first baby!  Our Brother and Sister-in-Law are due late July and the entire family is over the moon excited for them.  We celebrated Baby Henry with a Baby Shower at Glenwood Park.  It was precious and intimate - with close friends and family.  #LovedAlready

After the baby shower, Ronald and I set off to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  Charlottesville is one of our special places, so we settled for a little R&R there.  We stayed at The Townsman Hotel on the Downtown Mall, and it was perfect for an overnight stay.  Good food, good wine and good friends (my best friend, to be exact).  Dinner at The Downtown Grille, obligatory Ken Wright Pinot Noir and a late night movie - Deadpool 2.  #DrunkinLove

Since we've moved to the "Farm", we have become infatuated with our neighbors - a few cheeky bulls, some voluptuous heifers and cows and calves and goats galore!  We are seriously/not so seriously thinking of having goats on our farm but we know the huge commitment so we wanted to learn more.  On our way out of Charlottesville, we ventured south to a Goat Farm.  The getting there to Caromont Farm in Esmont, VA was half the fun.  Beautiful scenery and miles and miles of dirt road and forest.  My kind of road trip! I don't want to share too much because I'll do a separate post specifically about Caromont Farm but our visit there was educational and awe-inspiring.  We're so grateful to the team there that made our visit a very special one.  #BillytheKid

Switching gears from Goats to Graduation!  We traveled to Maryland to celebrate "our baby girls" college graduation at Frostburg State University.  Alyssa Brooke, after 5 years of studying for her lifetime dream, became a graduate and is setting off to be an Elementary Education Teacher.  Not to mention, she's engaged and creating a home with her fiance and just casually growing into this super fun, bold, confident woman.  I've watched her from a gentle baby to sweet child - a caring and thoughtful teenager to now a truly beautiful human.  She is rare - half country/half sassy/100% kind.  It was such a special experience to have the whole family together combined with her new family.  #Proud

As soon as we were home and settling in on a Sunday afternoon, a storm blew threw that shocked both of us.  We had never experienced a storm to blow out of nowhere and then proceed to blow massive rain, and winds and hail.   Within 15 minutes, we noticed that our driveway had become what seemed like a small river with Cat 2 rapids.  The flash flooding was devastating to our little community.  And, clean up is still on-going.  But, it could have been so much worse. #Blessed

We rounded out the month with a much anticipated heart procedure and hospitalization at Cleveland Clinic for my Dad.  Though his heart has been functioning relatively well over the last year, he has recently been having heart arrhythmias and a decline in pacemaker function so needed a cardiac ablation.  The procedure was successful and he did really well.  Just saw him this week - and you can already see the difference in how his heart is functioning - in the color of his skin, his demeanor and energy levels.  #Hallelujah

Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful.  It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.  Cheers!

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