Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Caromont Farm

 On our twentieth wedding anniversary, we found ourselves in Charlottesville en route to a family celebration in Maryland, and wanted to do something unique.  Since we've moved to our farm, we have been enthusiastically and cautiously considering what kind of animals we'd like to have.  Our neighbors consist of cows and goats and we've enjoyed watching them in their glorious being, all the while protected from the reality of raising them.

So, it was completely normal for us to decide that the way we wanted to spend our day was to visit a goat farm - Caromont Farm, to be exact.  They have been a swoon-worthy part of my Instagram Feed for over a year and having admired them from a far, we wanted to explore more.  While they host several Farm to Dinner events throughout the year, they also do private tours of the farm.  After reaching out to them and realizing we could tour the farm on that special day for us, we were ecstatic to visit! 

The snuggles with the goats on the farm was inevitable but the hard work of the team on the farm was the real treat.  Countless hours with the goats, doing the not so fun and snuggly work was inspiring.  We met the team and saw the pride first hand they took in their work.  Can't explain the whole process myself but learning about making the different types of cheese was fascinating.  Attention to detail and cleanliness . . . a focus on the goats well being . . . and the pride in making a beautiful product.  Total appreciation for the tedious and productive work they do.  

After the tour, the goat snuggles were abundant.  And, we relished in getting to know and learn more about the goats and their way of life.  We met weeks old babies and more mature goats - all special in their own way.  But very loving.  And gentle.  And happy - you could tell how happy they were!

The team couldn't have been more generous with their time and our host, Izzy, was a breath of fresh air.  She took her time with us and answered our unending questions.  After all the goat snuggles we could stand, she shared a substantial and beautiful tray of different types of goat cheeses made on the farm.  We brought a bottle of wine and made our way into devouring every bit of the cheese that we could.  We couldn't pick a favorite - it was all so good!  Such a definite treat to taste the fresh cheese and all the love poured into it.  

On our way out, we were treated to a beautiful display by one of the resident farm-hands.  Keen to show off his brilliance any chance he got.  If you get the chance to experience this farm, you won't be disappointed.  The love and energy put into the farm is abundant.  Not to mention, the goat cheese they produce is next to heaven.  

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