Thursday, August 11, 2016

Biding my time until Fall

For those who know me well, Summer is not my season.  The picture below may look serene but deep inside, I was miserable that day.  I'm allergic to heat and sweat and anything that makes me dirty.  Thus - summer and specifically, the beach are my worst nightmares come true.  I can appreciate the beauty of the ocean and the soothing sound of the waves but I am petrified of the icky, gigantic, and monster-like creatures that reside there.  Life Lesson #1 - Stay far, far away from monster-like creatures.

This particular weekend was 4th of July weekend though and my sister was visiting so I swallowed my fears (and a Xanax) and sat my happy ass on the beach for a few hours. Obligatory Mimosas were had throughout the weekend and much needed sister time. We also had the opportunity to meet Gary Sinise - a steadfast supporter of the military and veterans - and enjoyed The Lt Dan Band's concert for our troops.  Check out more info on his foundation here.  

My recommendation on biding your time until Fall is to hibernate.  Bryan Cranston makes "Breaking Bad" (and dealing meth) look like a labor of love, William H Macy wins the award for most beloved "Father of the Year" in Shameless and quite frankly, Cersei Lannister can kiss my ASS!  Life Lesson #2 - Binge-watching is not a sin. 

On the rare occasion that Mother Nature provides us with California-like weather for a brief moment in Virginia, we escape to our backyard to enjoy a glass of wine.  Life Lesson #3 - The glass is not half empty.  As long as you keep the fridge stocked, your glass can always be full.  

One of the only things I genuinely enjoy about summer is being able to enjoy a night swim and float. Water, in and of itself, is calming.  But, a night sky full of stars above you while you are weightless is about as close to heaven as I think you can get here on earth.  Cheers to that!  

Life Lesson - An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate. 
(Criss Jami)

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