Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello Spring

In another life of mine, Spring was simply pollen, weeds and slightly warmer temps.  Seasons changed, time passed and just like the somber ground, my head was full of weeds and unwanted things.  The timeless quote, "Stop and smell the Roses", was taken in jest.  For, when can you really stop and smell the roses when you are knee deep in manure (also known as shit)?

My perspective changed the minute that I was plunged into an early retirement.  Life has a way of working out and things became very clear for me after I was laid off.  For the first time, my mind was clear and my eyes were open.  I will forever remember the first time that I really saw "Spring".  I was 6 months into my "early retirement" and all of a sudden, I started noticing things that I never noticed before.  I heard birds singing and I saw life through endless rose colored glasses.

I watched every living thing outside sprout and grow and flourish and it was astonishing to my fresh eyes.  I noticed the buds on trees and the grass slowly growing.  I saw life awakening.  I saw nature turn from barren to blooming and I listened as the earth awakened.  And I was grateful, rather than resentful.

Life has a way of working out . . . . . and in this life, I stop and smell the roses.  I stop and hear the birds singing.  I stop and appreciate life around me.  Rather than being consumed with someone else's arbitrary world, I suddenly grew very thankful of this beautiful world around me that I had never seen.  With eyes wide open, I see Spring!  And, oh, ain't she lovely!

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