Thursday, November 12, 2015

Strolling through Gardens

On a sun filled day in November, we gathered a picnic and made our way to Norfolk Botanical Gardens to stroll and take in a little nature.  We had no destination in mind but merely wanted to explore.  Senseless wanderings amidst the glorious gardens!

One of my favorite things to explore is the Butterfly Garden.  With fields of wildflowers, it is a glorious place to see a butterfly fluttering their wings.  

Another favorite spot of mine within the gardens is a mammoth magnolia tree that is perfect for climbing.  If I had one of these in my backyard, I'd spend most of my days in it.  Monkeying around in a tree is just one of those things that feels very childish and silly.  Two things I strive for!

While I found myself looking for more ways to be silly, the more serious one between us spent his time happily guessing every plant and tree.  He gets it from his Poppy.  

^ Have stick, will walk.  

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