Sunday, January 22, 2017

Post Hiatus - Happy New Year

Have been on a serious hiatus through the holidays and into the new year.  It's taken me until Jan 20 to write this New Years post because I hate conforming.  I refuse to make a damn resolution.  New Year, New Me . . . My Ass!  Simply put, we have the opportunity to re-invent ourselves or resolve to make changes at any point during the 12 months of every year.  So, I refuse to conform to the idea that come January 1, I'm going to be a new, healthier me.  I ate McDonald's on New Year's Day and I've also drank my weight in alcohol these past few weeks.  The Christmas decorations only just came down this past week so we were still celebrating!  My mother calls me a rebel, and I own that.  I simply hate abiding by rules and am detracted by the conformity and conventionality of things.  (I am, however, quite entertained by Snapchat filters - how conventional is that?!)

Phew!  Now that I got that off my chest, I can continue with sharing what we did during our respite. We celebrated Thanksgiving with every dear person in our family, bopping from this house to the next. Traditional and unconventional meals were had and so many good memories were made.  For Christmas, we celebrated the holiday home alone!  Four days of lounging in pj's, watching Christmas movies, napping, eating, and drinking.  Basically being in a complete state of holiday glutinous.  We have no shame!

We got to romp in the snow twice - once in West Virginia and then again here in Chesapeake.  While I rather enjoyed a few days to unwind amidst Snow-mageddon here at home, Ronnie ended up working all the way through it and fell on ice and fractured his wrist.  Meanwhile back at home, the furnace broke and we lost heat for 2 weeks.  Shit happens!  However, the New Year was met in the most nontraditional, unexpected way as we solidified a decision years in the making.  More on that to come in the future but I'm excited for the months ahead and changes in our life and surroundings.  And excited to share it with you!  Cheers and Happy New Year!

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